QROX4 Reverse Osmosis Purifier -Quick Fit

QROX4 Reverse Osmosis Purifier -Quick Fit
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Refresh Australia QROX4 Reverse Osmosis Purifier -Quick Fit. Provides healthy, crystal clear water, very like pure country rain water that few people ever have the pleasure of drinking. Removes harmful chemicals!

Our purifiers produce the highest purity water rejecting 99% of contaminants. Reverse Osmosis is the most efficient way to remove Flouride, Blue Green Algae, Algal Toxins, Agricultural chemicals such as Nitrates and Phosphates, Industrial Chemicals and the cocktail of Chemicals used in the treatment of our water to disinfect, pH balance, clarify and floculate the water supply.

Have peace of mind knowing that regardless of what ends up in your water supply, you will have purified water conveniently at your kitchen tap.

Reverse Osmosis is a molecular water filtration method with a pore size 1,000x smaller than Carbon Filters that rejects 99% of total contaminants present in your drinking and cooking water. Our purifiers use high flow Polyamide (TFC) membranes that provide a fast recovery time and tank refill so you need never run out of healthy, crystal clear drinking water. 

Better quality and a fraction of the cost of bottled water, with a Refresh Under Sink Water Filter you need never run out of healthy crystal clear drinking and cooking water. A must for every kitchen and great for the environment. Using a water filter can save thousands of water bottles going into landfill every year and no electricity!

The Refresh Australia QROX4 is made using premium quality components, offers excellent value for money, and will provide many years of excellent service. Replacement cartridges and spare parts are readily available. Backed up by our Customer Care Plan ensuring optimum long term performance. Northern Suburbs Water Filters - since 1994.

OPTIONAL* - NS Water offers full Installation services in most areas of Sydney ...please check with us. After ordering please call us during business hours & quote your order no. to arrange time & date to have one of our specialist certified installers to come to you. Phone 02 9979 5855.


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