Essential minerals in Sydney Water
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 Reverse Osmosis purifiers remove essential minerals from Sydney Water .… that a problem?

A quick look at the Sydney Water link below shows the water analysis for Warragamba Dam.

The water analysis shows that Sydney tap water has extremely low levels of essential minerals. For example:

 Mineral                     Sydney Water                     Aust Government RDI*

Calcium                      9.7-12.5 mg/litre                    1,000-1,300 mg/day

Magnesium                4.7-5.6 mg/litre                         310 -420 mg/day

*Australian Government Recommended Daily Intake

Sydney Water -Warragamba Dam water analysis:      THIS LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED??

You would have to drink 100 litres of tap water a day to get enough Calcium!

So no, it’s not a problem. In order to remove harmful chemicals - heavy metals, nitrates, phosphates, fluoride to name a few and from industry and agriculture in particular, a very small amount of essential minerals present in the water are removed as well.

Essential minerals should be gained from a balanced diet.

You can also add our Alkalising cartridge onto the QROX4 Reverse Osmosis system which adds Calcium and Magnesium into your purified water.

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