Northern Suburbs Water Filters has specialised in quality water filtration systems for home, business, boat or tank water since 1994. Our showroom is located at Mona Vale, in the heart of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Being able to see and taste-test the water from our range of systems is a great advantage and makes choosing a water filter or purifier for your family both easy and informative. We offer friendly advice, sales and service and can supply and install a filter system to suit you and your family's needs. It's healthy, easy, convenient and economical.

Whether it's the harmful chemicals in your water, gastroenteritis causing Giardia and Cryptosporidium or simply just removing the bad taste and odour out of the water, we have a system to suit your needs.

We regularly have customers that have been referred to us by their doctors therefore it's important to feel confident that your water is filtered to a high standard and is both beneficial and enjoyable to you.

If we are not prepared to use the product we will NOT sell it!

Also available at our showroom are an extensive range of new designer taps, fridge filters, stainless steel drink bottles, pottery gravity filters, gorgeous water jugs and other great gifts for that special someone.

Shop 6, 20 Bungan St, Mona Vale 2103 MAP
Cnr Mona Vale Rd & Bungan St

Parking is available in Bungan St, or under the building or in the carpark both accessed via Bungan Lane.


Having chosen the filter that is right for your family we offer full installation in the Sydney Metro area. Our service technicians are qualified plumbers and are highly trained and skilled in all facets of water filtration and with Reverse Osmosis in particular.

Installation charges start from $60 and will depend on the system to be installed. Please check with our friendly sales or service team for pricing and bookings.

We provide a 1 month warranty on labour for our installations. You can benefit from peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the installation we will resolve it quickly and courteously.

Spare Parts

We carry a large range of spare parts at our showroom. We also carry a wide range of parts for many different water filter brands. If we don’t have your part in stock we may be able to order it in for you.

A benefit of being in the business over 20 years means that we have some parts that are no longer readily available.

Please contact our friendly sales team for further information.

Repairs– Most Brands

We can arrange a service call for onsite repairs at your home for most brands of water filters. If we can source the part we can fix your system!

Simply contact us to arrange a day & time to suit.


Customer Care Annual Reminder

Cartridges in your water filter work by absorbing chemicals from the water. Over time the media in your cartridge will "saturate" and will no longer be able to remove any further contaminants. These cartridges will also develop a build up of bacteria on the surface over a long period of time if not replaced.

Therefore it is very important to replace cartridges every 12 months and this will ensure your filter will give optimal performance & run as new, providing crystal clear, healthy water.

Our Customer Care team will send out a timely 12 month reminder that the removable cartridges are due for replacement.

Cartridges can be bought at the showroom, mailed directly to you or an annual service arranged. Please visit us at our showroom or contact our sales or service team.

Customer Care Annual Service

For a welcome service call to have your filters replaced for you, simply contact us to arrange a day & time to suit, and our friendly plumber will come to your home.

Replacing cartridges regularly will ensure your filter will give optimal performance & run as new, providing crystal clear, healthy water.


Maintenance Agreements

An easy, cost saving way to organize your annual cartridge replacement service (or 6 monthly for companies).With a maintenance agreement we can lock in the annual service charge which covers the cost of replacement cartridges and labour for 3 years so you have no price rises over that period.

A great cost saving to you and no money is required up front. Our Customer Care team will contact you when the service is due, simply book in the service and pay the agreed annual cartridge replacement service fee when it is done.

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