Why should I buy a filter from Northern Suburbs Water Filters?

  • Experience - For close to twenty years we have offered quality products and professional service and advice both with our Domestic products and our Industrial products found at www.reverseosmosis.com.au
  • Suitability - We can supply and install a filter system to suit you and your family’s needs. We want you to feel confident that you have the filter you need and that you will enjoy using it.
  • Quality - As we use only quality parts, this means our products which are sold widely, are very reliable.
  • Taste the Difference -With our showroom at Mona Vale, being able to see and taste-test the water from our range of products is a great advantage and makes choosing a water filter or purifier easy and informative.
  • Reliability -Our pleasant, honest and reliable service team travels throughout the Sydney area and are highly trained and skilled in all facets of water filtration and with Reverse Osmosis in particular.

If we are not prepared to use the product ourselves we will NOT sell it!

Why do I need to filter my water?

There are many good reasons why it’s important to filter our water by using a quality water filter, eg

  • Bad Taste & Odour – filtering our tap water makes it taste great and therefore we can have real health benefits by drinking more and avoiding dehydration.
  • Giardia & Cryptosporidium - removes these protozoan parasites that cause gastroenteritis with symptoms such as vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea and can be very unpleasant and sometimes quite serious.
  • Removing Chemicals – for those that just simply want the best quality water, for the health conscious, people on organic or kilojoule reduced diets & for those with serious health problems including cancer, kidney problems, allergies and asthma to name a few. We regularly have customers that have been referred to us by their doctors.
  • Fluoride – it’s your choice – you can remove it or keep it. Our systems clearly state which ones remove it.
  • Value for Money – a fraction of the price of bottled water and always on tap to use for drinking, cooking, tea & coffee, washing fruits & salads & ice making.
  • Easy & Convenient to Use – no need to cart heavy bottled water home. It’s always on tap when you need it.
  • Environmental Benefits – no need to buy expensive, plastic bottles of water, effortlessly empowering you to reduce your impact on the environment. Just imagine a plastic water bottle a quarter filled with crude oil. That’s approximately how much oil was used to manufacture that bottle!

In 2004 in the US approximately 28,000,000,000 plastic bottles of water were consumed. 17,000,000 barrels of crude oil were used to make these plastic bottles, 86% of which went into landfill!!!

Will the water taste softer and sweeter?

YES! YES! YES! Rehydrate and enjoy the health benefits!

What is the best filter for me?

Contaminants in our water are removed by either absorption using different types of media, or by filtration. The filter media used will depend on several factors including whether the water source is municipal, tank or river; what chemicals you need to remove; what microbiological contaminants are present etc. Please contact our friendly sales team for professional advice and information on your particular requirements. Feel free to drop in to our showroom at Mona Vale and visit us or phone for further information. If you use municipal chlorinated water you can also refer to our Selection Chart.

How long do the cartridges last? Can I be reminded when they need replacing?

Manufacturers recommend that cartridges on average be replaced every 4,000 liters OR every 12 months, whichever comes first. Our customer care team will send out an annual reminder allowing you keep track of your cartridge usage and thus enjoy top quality water all year round.

Can impurities be released back into the water from the cartridge when it is full/expired?

Contaminants removed by absorption are chemically bonded onto the media and cannot be released under normal conditions. They need extreme heat to reverse this bonding.

Is a countertop easy to install?

Yes, and no tools are required. Simply unscrew your aerator on your kitchen mixer tap and screw the diverter valve directly on. If preferred Northern Suburbs Water Filters offers full Installation services in the Sydney metro area ...after ordering please call us during business hours & quote your order no. to arrange time & date to have one of our specialist certified installers to come to you. Phone 02 9979 5855.

Can I install an under sink filter myself?

Yes, both the Triple under sink and the Reverse Osmosis systems are quite straightforward to install. Our modern new systems are especially designed for the home handyman to install and service and are a huge improvement on old style systems. We can also offer installation in the Sydney Metro area by our qualified plumbers.

Can I service the under sink systems myself and save money?

Yes, our quick connect filters have been cleverly designed to allow for very easy replacement of cartridges by hand with a simple twisting action. No need to wait around, or take time off work, for a service call so you can save time and money!

What is the cost of installation?

Installation charges start at $60 and depend on the system. Please check with our sales or service team.

What if I need a service call?

Many of the old style systems are very difficult to open & require a service call. Simply contact us to arrange a time & day to suit.

Can you service other brands?

Yes, we have a large range of spare parts and can service most brands. Please contact us to arrange a day & time to suit.

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