Under Sink Filters

Filter Systems - Under Sink

QUSX3 Triple Under Sink Water Filter -Quick Fit
QUSX3 Triple Under Sink Water Filter -Quick Fit. All new, space saving Triple Under Sink Wat..
$325.00 $260.00
Ex Tax: $236.36
QUSX3-TK  TANK Water Triple Under Sink Filter
Tank Water Triple Under Sink Filter. Designed for non chlorinated Tank Water systems and is Antib..
$325.00 $260.00
Ex Tax: $236.36
QROX4 Reverse Osmosis Purifier -Quick Fit
Refresh Australia QROX4 Reverse Osmosis Purifier -Quick Fit. Removes harmful chemicals and provid..
$850.00 $680.00
Ex Tax: $618.18
QROX4-CaMg ALKALINE Reverse Osmosis Purifier
Refresh Australia QROX4-CaMg Reverse Osmosis Purifier -Alkaline Water. This system adds essential..
$925.00 $740.00
Ex Tax: $672.73
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